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The Anchor Puzzle Book & DVD

The Anchor Puzzle Book & DVD

Ref: 9-ANCH

Jerry Slocum & Dieter Gebhardt's 2012 hardback book subtitled "The Amazing Stories of more than 50 New Puzzles Made of Stone" shows all of F. Ad. Richter's puzzles, from the earliest Chinese Tangram in 1890 right through 121 years of successful puzzle-making, due to the attractive look & feel of the stones, and by the beautiful graphics on the covers of the boxes and problem books. Included here are the stories of Richter's puzzles and their many variations over the years, and provides more than 650 problems for you to solve from 37 Anchor Stone Puzzles.

(152 pages; 906g; 21 x 25.5cm)

Price: 30.00